Rosmortrans-terminal is International storage compant operate in Russia federation and Rotterdam port is one of largest independent bulk handling companies. We provide transhipment, storage, blending and processing services of dry bulk and liquid bulk products at 18 sites across 8 countries. With higly storage operating professionals, we offer our customers tailored services. Rosmortrans-terminal companies hold a unique independent position in the storage chain of bulk goods for a wide range of products first class access at Russian and Rotterdam port deep draft terminals and excellent terminal storage operators.


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Invitation to the Capital Markets Day.

Rosmortrans-terminal has the pleasure of inviting investors, analysts, media and other stakeholders to attend our annual Capital Markets Day on Wednesday from 09:00-11:30

Capital Markets Day presentation

Targeting our optimal capital structure and meet the future with a competitive and flexible oil and gas storage tank platform.

Investor and Media Services

Investor’s investments are divided into Listed storage Investments, tank storage Industries and transshipping Investments this consists of our long-term, strategic holdings. Our owned subsidiaries and other unlisted investments.

Risks and Risk Management

At Investor, risk management is an integral part of the Group’s processes, meaning that control and responsibility for control is close to the business operations.

Rosmortrans-Terminal tank storage and one-stop benefits

Rosmortrans-terminal was created in 2004 with storage and maritime handling.
We started with storage and ship-to-ship transhipments, lay-by and utility services.

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Rosmortrans-terminal provides safe and efficient storage for vital liquids, chemicals and oil products at strategic international storage shipping hubs. At the start of our storage activities in 2004, we stored fuel oil. Since then, our storage capacity grew from 1,300,000 m³ capacity, and our state of the art facility is suited for fuel oil and gas oil. Our tank parks for fuel oil and gas oil are currently exclusively operated for our key customer, letting them enjoy the benefits of our storage capacity, T-jetty for vessels and barges, high speed pumps, mixing / heating features and our hands-on mentality. Rosmortrans-terminal has possibilities for expansion though. We’re always interested to discuss the possibilities of dedicated storage and berths with interested parties.

Adding Value

Storage, production, drumming, Rosmortrans-terminal filling and warehousing. Rosmortrans-terminal’s storage terminal and production sites.

Storage Close Relationship

We keep a close relationship with our customers to make sure we meet their every need. From custom built solutions on-site to document processing.

Benefits of Tank

A tank storage is a sophisticated, safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective mode of transporting and storing bulk liquids.

Europe’s hub

Rosmortrans-terminal believes that Rotterdam will remain the hub for North-western Europe. Our expanded site will handle a wide range of requiring storage in stainless steel tanks.

Facts & Figures

Storage capacity after completion: 1,300,000 m³ capacity, expanded truck and railcar loading capacities and capabilities. New jetty with four berths (draft 12,7 – 14,5m), expected completion of new jetty.

Full Service Depots

Rosmortrans-terminal Tank storage’ global network of large storage tank storage depots and/or cleaning stations is strategically located in key markets worldwide.


Our storage facilities are aimed at meeting our customers’ exact needs. A wide range of tank sizes 1,300,000 m³ capacity allows you to select the ideal fit and keep costs low. Heated tanks, ensure the quality and preservation of delicate goods. We believe in long-term partnerships and are more than willing to invest in extra facilities or infrastructure on-site, should you require any customized solutions. Rosmortrans-terminal connections for barges, ships, trains and trucks. Flexible operating hours and fast loading and unloading times. On-site customs agents, document processing, and laboratories. All our sites are set up to make loading, unloading, and storing your product a quick and hassle-free process.

We operate a global network of terminals located at strategic locations along major trade routes. Rosmortrans-terminal have good history and a strong focus on sustainability, including safety, we ensure safe efficient and clean storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers. Store Oil products (such as crude oil, gasoline, naphtha, diesel and fuel oil) are mainly stored in large-size tanks.

Overview of Rosmortrans-terminal's

global network of tank terminals.

In general, one customer rents one tank for one product

during the contract period at Rotterdam and Russia port.

Overview of Rosmortrans-terminal's

has terminals in key marine shipping.

Rosmortrans-terminal storage stock exchange and

is headquartered in Russia Port.

Rosmortrans-terminal is one of the

leading independent tank storage company at Rotterdam

Rosmortrans-terminal stores a wide variety

of liquid bulk products and gasses.

In the overview below you can see which

products can be stored at our Rotterdam terminals.

Map to view the details of

our individual tank terminals at Russia Port.

About Us

Rosmortrans-terminal is a leading global provider of integrated transportation, storage and distribution solutions for oil and gas, other bulk-liquid products. We aim to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable and efficient handling and storage solutions.
To deliver the highest service level to the customers.

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Handling Bulk Storage

Rosmortrans-terminal is an International storage company with its headquarter in Russia Federation, is an independent operator of midstream and downstream bulk liquid storage facilities independent terminal operators in oil and gas bulk storage products. Our terminals operate in Russia federation and Rotterdam terminal port, Europort most important ports at prime locations. We meticulously develop these terminals further with the objective to maintain our market leader position in the field of oil and gas storage while expanding our storage market share in oil and gas products.

Our modern and flexible tank terminals are located at strategic locations with land for expansion. It is our aim to become one of the leading players in the Russia and Rotterdam, European tank terminal market.

  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Respect, Integrity
  • Empowerment
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Strategy and objectives

We are confident of achieving our storage goal since our activities are founded upon a sound risk management philosophy that involves ensuring a healthy and responsible balance between taking advantage of opportunities and fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit while managing risks to acceptable levels.
We are highest goals of the organization or an individual. Strategic goals are used in storage strategic management. Properly set strategic goals to focused on storage operation of the Rosmortrans-terminal tank farm.










Business targets




Rosmortrans-terminal is on an ambitious journey and is therefore recruiting qualified professionals who possess an entrepreneurial spirit to be part of a determined plan to expand and optimize our network of bulk liquid terminals. Although we are one of the large operators in the industry, we maintain the flexible, diverse organization of a small company. Each site is unique and features positions specific to location and capability presenting constant opportunities for professional growth and significant individual contribution to the company vision.



Employees are encouraged to provide feedback on any aspect of our operation and performance.



Rosmortrans-terminal have had many opportunities to experience different aspects of the business.



We develop better understanding of our terminal business works and how to meet our customers' needs.



Rosmortrans-terminal strongly believe working to helped the grow of personally storage professionally.

Additional benefits About Us

The Rosmortrans-terminal elected to be entry in the register as a C-Corporation for tax purposes tank farm storage and transshipment Accordingly, the Partnership’s investors.

All unitholders are encouraged to consult the own tax advisors to determine the appropriate tax treatment tank storage of the distributions.

Rosmortrans-terminal boasts more than 1.6 million m³ of tank storage and manages operates crude oil units with its dedicated subleasing at Rotterdam port and transshipment.

At Port of Rottedam, jetty flexibility was accommodate any size and type of vessel and storage, offering facilities for products right across the barrel, from crude oil to condensate, naphtha, gasoil, jet fuel, kerosene and fuel oil.

Rosmortrans-terminal specialising in fuel oil and middle distillates, Rosmortrans-terminal offers more than 1,300,000 m³ capacity. Across its 32 tanks the terminal handles K1, K2 and K3 products including diesel fuel oil D2 and jet fuel.

Rosmortrans-terminal also means high performance, with its deep draft complemented by direct connections to truck, rail and Europe’s shared.

We provide worldwide, safe and efficient storgae, cargo handling and logistics, and serve a wide range of customers – from the oil majors and largest chemical tank storage operations.

In addition to tank storage, Rosmortrans-terminal delivers an extensive range of storage and transshipmentservices. You can come to us 24/7 for tank storage and shipping.

Leading Energy Storage

Happy Customers
Collective Leaders
Quality Storage Tanks
Dynamic Strategists

Our Storage Dimensions Strategy

We depend on storage tanks, pipes and pumps, but it is our people who make the difference and create our future. Our people have real qualities and we are self-starters in storage
We give our people important responsibilities. And with those responsibilities comes Creative tank storage Ownership. Our workers have the freedom to be creative, to devise ideas in storage management.
We makes the energy storage business so interesting is that it’s always changing. So we need to anticipate the dynamics of the storage markets, be quick thinkers when opportunities arise, and shape our own future.

“At Rosmortrans-terminal we created safe, reliable and instantly storage responsive to customers"

Wherever you deal with us, you’ll find us safe, lean, efficient and flexible.
So although our fleet includes a leading-edge storage facility in the Rotterdam port, and a completely rejuvenated Soviet-era facility in Russia, our hallmarks are consistent in both.

WE OPERATE 24 x 7 x 365

Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE)

Management on Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) is critical to the success of our operations. Prevention of accidents and incidents is part of our core values and executed by our employees and contractors. We believe that accidents and injuries are avoidable. We are committed to achieving our target goal of zero incidents and are mindful of the environment we live in. We are determined to excel in a strongly rooted culture of safety and operational excellence.

  • -- -
    Sustainability Policy
  • Rosmortrans-terminal aims to create value for all our stakeholders, from customers, business partners, employees and investors, to governments, local communities and society at large. In our view, sustainability is about caring for people, planet and profit. Sustainability means keeping our company relevant, healthy and fit for the future.

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    Personal Safety Inside And Out
  • Every day we handle potentially hazardous hydrocarbons. We also work at heights; in enclosed spaces; and next to water. All of these are acceptable risks provided we recognise them and stay in full control. And the real point here is that word ‘we’. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and although we invest in world-class safety technologies equipment we have.

  • -- -
    Environment Treading Lightly
  • Each country has its own legislation on environmental performance and in recent years licence requirements have become increasingly stringent. We are committed to comply with all environmental legislation. In fact in some territories, our own standards are tougher than local laws actually demand. In particular, our investment and focus falls on variety areas.


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